The importance of playing. This is a project where the game is considered as an important activity in which one or more people are happy starting from the connection and attention of a common imagination.
The game is fundamental in the learning of humans, mammals and other animals. The lúdica actividad is extended to all the spheres of the human being. We can focus the games on the body, on the mind or on the spirit and also make combinations of these dimensions.
The gaming lab is a general method to explore and enhance any area we want. Let us mention some competitions that we can power with the games:

Exploring social dimensions such as cooperation, competence and competitiveness
Acquire tools for individual and collective self-supervision
Increase emotional intelligence
Potenciar mental skills, tales like logic, language or abstraction
Strengthen higher cognitive functions between these memory, attention and concentration
Learn motor skills and specific corporal dexterity
Impulse creativity
Despertar la capacidad de investigación y aprendizaje
Strengthen resilience and survival
The toy laboratory is a limitless instance of toy creation as a tool to achieve any objective. Por lo tanto es apta para todos.
Its first practical version will be made in Ecuador at the beginning of 2022